How to earn more nasmiles and how to redeem nasmiles

flynas, the leading low cost airline, always brings you amazing and unthinkable offers to their passengers. In this flynas brings you "nasmiles", an exciting frequent flyer program that is free to join and gives you and your family a great deal to smile about. When you join naSmiles, you are immediately enrolled as a Bronze member, upon earning 20,000 naSmiles you are upgraded to Silver membership, reaching Gold is easier than you think, all you need to do is earn 40,000 naSmiles and 80,000 naSmiles for Platinum. Always visit flynas Hot fare page before book your Air tickets, you may not miss the best offers for your travel.

How to Join free for nasmiles

You can join now for nasmiles program at free of cost by clicking here.

How to earn more nasmiles easily

nasmiles is simply a smarter way to enjoy all that flynas has to offer. Once you’ve joined nasmiles on flights and other pre-booked services such as seating allocation and excess baggage. Other eligible services include meal selection and airport lounge access. Bronze, Silver and Gold Members will earn 1 nasmile for every 1 SAR spent. Platinum members will earn 1.20 nasmiles for every 1 SAR spent.

Earn nasmiles every time you book a flight to over 40 cities across the Middle East including Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai, Istanbul, Antakya-Hatay and Khartoum to name a few. Book your flight now and earn more nasmiles.

Read more about nasmiles using the link

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