Cheapest flight to Kuwait

This time flynas brings you the cheapest air fare to Kuwait. flynas hot fare offer allows you to travel from Riyadh to Kuwait or from Kuwait to Riyadh for just 359 Saudi Riyal. flynas, the leading low cost airline, always brings you amazing and unthinkable air fare offers to various destinations. flynas always care to provide better service and best offers for their passengers. flynas promise to offer the lowest fares, on-time flights and friendly service, they operate the youngest fleet in the region, with more than 950 flights a week to a growing number of destinations around the world. Always visit flynas Hot fares page before book your Air tickets, you may not miss the lowest flight to your destination.

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Flynas Hot fare offer to Kuwait

  • Lowest Airfare to Kuwait from Riyadh- 359 SAR

  • Cheapest flight to Riyadh from Kuwait- 359 SAR

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